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What sets Osteopathy apart from other western medical  approaches is its philosophy of the body as a single self sufficient unit. This leads osteopaths to believe two things: firstly, that under normal circumstances the body has the ability to heal itself; and secondly that problems in one part of the body can affect, or be the effect of, problems elsewhere in the body. For this reason the question they most seek to answer is not what is wrong with the patient but why is something wrong with the patient.Treatment is directed toward the patient rather than the condition and can thus be of use in improving a patient's ability to deal with whatever problems are present. The following is a list of conditions that are commonly encountered by osteopaths, and have positive clinical studies to support treatment with osteopathy:

Back and neck pain

Symptoms associated with arthritis such as pain and stiffness


Trapped nerves

Tennis elbow

Plantar faciitis

Digestive problems

Sports injuries

Headaches and migrane headaches

Shoulder and arm pain.

Dizziness and balance problems

Hip, knee, and foot pain

Pre and post pregnancy back pain.

Period pain


Muscle spasms

Martin is also qualified to provide rehabilitation sessions following injuries or strokes.