193 St Davids Rd North

St Annes



Tel: 01253 788500


St Annes Osteopathic Centre is a health clinic owned and managed by registered osteopath Martin E. Cooper BSc (Hons). Opened in 2007and located just outside Blackpool, it sees patients from throughout the northwest suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal and functional disorders and those wishing to maintain optimal health.

More about Osteopathy

Osteopathy  is a  healthcare profession that  demands an expert knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology (disease), neurology and biomechanics. An osteopath uses this knowledge to asess a patient's posture, their movement and their general health. He then diagnoses his patient and uses a combination of hands on techniques (manual therapy), lifestyle and postural advice, and exercise prescription to enable the patient  to return to and  maintain a healthy  and  pain free state.  If there is evidence of a serious threat to a patient's health osteopaths are qualified to recognise this and make an appropriate referral.

Back pain. Neck pain. Shoulder pain. Frozen shoulder. Trapped nerve. Impingement. Tennis elbow. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive strain injury. Sciatica. Slipped disc. Sacroiliac joint. Back pain in pregnancy. Muscle pain strain tear. Hip pain. Groin strain. Knee pain. Foot pain. Pronation. Plantar faciitis. Achilles tendinits. Hamstring strain. Arthritis. Sports injury. Headache. IBS. Rehabilitation.  Blackpool. Lytham. St Annes. Warton. Wrea Green. Kirkham. Freckleton.